Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hello lovelies! I promised to do a review on the Snail Street Cream awhile back when I introduced this product in the Unbox with me post. It is stated in the website that it takes 1 - 4 months of daily use (2x a day) to see visible results. I have to admit that I did not use it daily as I have many other products that I want to switch to when the condition of my face changes. But I did use it daily for at least 1.5months. I will do another post when I use up the products just to compare the effects.

The retail price of 1 bottle on is $55 and it is indeed considered quite steep given that it is not some high-end brand.

It came with a spatula which I find to be very useful and hygienic! Usually I would just stick my finger in to scoop it out from the jar (those without spatula). This is rather dirty if you did not clean your hands properly but I do make it a point to disinfect my hands before I start my beauty routine. Though I would rather spend my money on products that has a pump.

After a few months of usage, I used up about 3/4 of the product. The smell is not anything fanciful, it's neither floral nor fruity. I can't describe the smell as I have never smelled something like this. It is definitely not unpleasant or uncomfortable for sure.

For each usage, I would scoop this much as shown and I will spread it over my face evenly. The formula is kind of thick so if you dislike the feeling of having something on your face after you apply the moisturiser, this might not be the one. 

After I apply it evenly over my hand as shown here, my hand looks more glossy/oily and leaves a sticky feel. 

I copied and pasted the benefits of the cream from the website and I shall go through each of the point below:
  • Improves elasticity, firmness, density & texture of the skin
  • When cream is applied to fibroblasts (cells that synthesis collagen), it enhances the proliferation & functional capability of these cells
  • Keeps skin soft & helps heal troubled or acne skin
  • Helps regenerate damaged skin & prevent dryness
  • Brightens skin, soften wrinkles & treats fine lines
  • Softens scars and smoothes stretch marks

1. I am still quite young so I don't have the problems of skin being less elastic/firm and etc yet so I can't talk much about the difference it has on my skin with regards to this point.

2. Of course, I am also unable to confirm if there is indeed any proliferation and functional capability of the cells. 

3. It definitely did not help to heal my troubled/acne skin. In fact, after I came back from the States, I have been having extremely bad breakouts. It's actually the worst breakouts in my life. I wonder where all the pimples are coming from. I blame the lack of sleep and CNY goodies. HAHA. But then again, I do not see any help for this.

4. I have oily skin and thus it is not dry to start with so I guess it did help to prevent dryness in a way or another. 

5. I have no wrinkles as of now, only some fine lines under my eyes which I did not apply the product on as I use eye creams for my eyes. I was afraid this might be too rich for my eyes.

6. I do not have stretch marks but I would say it did help to soften the scars since I have so many stubborn pimples.

Overall, I would not suggest you to buy it if you have oily skin like me. I feel that the product is too rich for this skin type. It makes your face feels oily and sticky. Furthermore, it is $55 and not $25. If I'm going to pay so much, I would expect the formula to be much smoother and have better ability to be absorbed into the skin. However, if you have dry skin, you might want to give it a try. I mean who knows, it might work for you right? 

I hope the information helps:)

Till the next! CYA!!!